Used Materials
It is made using innovative materials (such as high strength steel) which allowed technological changes such as to bring tangible structural improvements. These make it unique from the technical-functional profile.
Production Process
The ATOMIKA project is revolutionary not only for the materials used, but also for its production process: it is no longer used the traditional hot die casting, but the adoption of a cold molding (blanking and deep drawing) by means of the deformation of the material. Moreover, the hinge assembly is automated due to the latest machinery.

The use of high strength steel has led to a significant improvement over the zamak, aluminum and synthetic materials: increased fire resistance, better resistance to low temperature, aging and increase in burglary security.

Environment protection
This innovative manufacturing process has also resulted in a significant lowering environmental impact, thanks to the elimination of heat emissions into the atmosphere.


FEM (Finite Element Method)
The whole design was supported by the FEM which allows to identify the critical points of a system and calculate the states of stress/deformation of the structure.

Specific and advanced software have allowed to simulate the molding processes steel, even of the most complex parts, before proceeding to the implementation of the molds.


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